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Change of Company Name

Our original company name, POWER MATE Technology Co., Ltd. and the name of our trademark, P-DUKE have been a confusion to many for a long time.

To consider the long-term performance of company business and to avoid such confusion, we make a resolution of changing our company name to ---



Officially registered on May 5th 2016.


Please take any action that fits with your system/ processes.

This change will not affect the service you receive in any way. We'll amend all the related ads, documents and logos on products. For customers who are using our products and need special notification due to the looks on products, please inform the customers on this issue in case of any misunderstanding.


P-DUKE Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "We") need to remember and store information about how you use this Website, in order to provide you with a more personalized and responsive services.