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[New] 2"x1"; 40W; DC/DC Converter; EED40 / RED40W
  EED40  RED40W
- New DC/DC Converters for Industry & Railway

EED40  .  RED40W

The EED40(W) and RED40W supply 40W output power with industry-standard 2"x1" package. The conversion efficiency is up to 93% and they feature complete protection functions, such as overcurrent protection, short-circuit protection, output overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, etc. In addition, RED40W is designed for railway applications. It is compliant with EN50155 and can be widely applied to the electronic equipment of the railway.
Features -  
  Efficiency Up to 93%
  Industry-standard 2”x1” Package
EED40(W)  - Industry Application
  2:1 & 4:1 Input Range
  1600VDC Isolation Voltage
RED40W  - Railway Application
  4:1; 9-36, 18-75, 36-160VDC Input Range
  3000VDC Isolation Voltage



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EED40(W)  .  RED40W


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