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UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) Marking and their Impact on P-Duke Products


UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) Marking and their Impact on P-Duke Products

Since 31st December 2020 the UK is no longer part of the European Customs Union. As a direct consequence of this new situation the European CE-mark is no longer valid for products sold to the UK, after 31st December 2022. After this dead-line the UK government requires the UKCA-mark to be displayed directly on the products.

From the start, the UK regulations accept the existing IEC/EN standards which are used for the European Directives conformity (CE-mark). Due to these circumstances, there is no need for additional safety/ EMC approval tests for UKCA compliances.

However, to allow time for the suppliers to adjust their UKCA process to the regulation requirements, it is still allowed to bring products into the UK market using only CE-marking, until 1st January 2023, providing UK and EU rules remains the same.

P-Duke has already finished the compliance documents for all product series, that contains both Declaration of Conformity (D of C) for UKCA and CE, which are now available from the P-Duke website.

P-Duke has no plans to withdraw any products from the market as a result of the new UKCA requirements.

P-Duke is constantly monitoring any changes to the UKCA requirements and will take the necessary steps to follow these requirements.

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