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News 2022/07/26

Enrich the rescue energy! P-DUKE Technology donated ambulances to benefit the citizens of Taichung

Broad Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is enthusiastic about local public welfare and spares no effort to give greater recognition and support to the fire fighting work of the Taichung Municipal Government. In order to enrich the rescue energy and enhance the emergency rescue force, today (16), it donated a high-top rescue vehicle to the Industrial Zone Branch of the Sixth Brigade of the Fire Department. Shi Wenjie, a special member of the Fire Department, attended the donation ceremony and issued a thank-you plaque on behalf of the municipal government.


The Executive Committee said that the ambulance donated today has a variety of high-specification ambulances and consumables, including (ZOLL) AED PRO portable automatic cardiac electrocardiograph (including ECG), which can effectively monitor the rhythm of the heart, and can timely evaluate and remind the rescue personnel to give electric shocks to the life-threatening patients, so that the staff on duty can have a lifesaving tool, increase the probability of saving the life-threatening patients, and significantly improve the medical quality at the emergency scene.

Enrich the rescue energy! P-DUKE Technology donated ambulances to benefit the citizens of Taichung

According to the fire department, Broad Science and Technology was founded in the year of the Republic of China in 81. After the new factory in the industrial zone was opened in 88, it has been 30 years since it took root in the Taichung Industrial Zone. The company mainly focuses on the power supply industry, as well as the research, development, production, sales and service of related products, and markets domestic, European, American, Japanese and other international markets with its own brand "P-DUKE". It has accumulated strong technical strength and product popularity, and has become an important alliance partner of many world-famous large factories.


The Fire Department pointed out that Broad Science and Technology, in addition to its professional work, should not forget its social responsibilities. It should take care of the social environment as the starting point, adhere to the concept of giving back to the society, continue to take practical actions to support social vulnerable groups, emergency rescue funding, ecological conservation and environmental protection and other public welfare charitable activities, actively participate in social services, and vigorously support fire disaster relief and rescue work, This time, we hope to help more injured and sick people in need of emergency rescue by donating ambulances to benefit more Taichung citizens.

The fire department said that the rescue service is increasingly heavy, the government resources are limited, and the people's power is infinite. Thanks to P-DUKE Technology Co., Ltd. for helping the fire department to enrich the rescue energy, and hopes to use this to attract more social resources to inject into disaster prevention and rescue. In the future, the donated ambulance will also be properly used in the rescue service to provide citizens with a better quality and safe living environment.


Today's donation ceremony, including the Special Committee for the Implementation of the Fire Department, P-DUKE Technology Co., Ltd., was attended by Liao Benchong, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chen Qiongmiao, Section Chief of the Management Department, Chen Wenzai, Deputy Director-General of the Sixth Brigade of the Taichung Volunteer Fire Brigade, and local officials. (6/16 * 6) * Fire Department

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